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The Xml Resolver is also used to handle any import or include elements found in XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas. For more information, see the Remarks section of the Xml Reader reference page.

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Dim settings As Xml Reader Settings = New Xml Reader Settings() settings.

Hi all, As you know, the XMLValidating Reader is deprecated in . Load(fully Qualified Assembly Name) ' Create instance of the BTS schema in order to get to the actual schemas Dim schema Type As Type = schema Assembly.

NET 1.1 implementation that I am struggling to upgrade. Tr im() ' Load assembly Dim schema Assembly As [Assembly] = [Assembly].

================================================== (This posting is provided "AS IS", with no warranties, and confers no rights.) Hi John, The example in the document uses Xml Reader. You can directly load from a file or something else.

Issues of this nature are best handled working with a dedicated Microsoft Support Engineer by contacting Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS) at

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