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Howie Roseman and the Eagles traded up to grab Wentz, but they also handed million in guarantees to Chase Daniel, who threw one pass in an Eagles uniform before being released and replaced by Nick Foles. The simple response is usually just to peg players who underperform expectations as "busts" and assume that they would have failed regardless of where they ended up. Think about Jared Goff, who looked entirely lost during his debut season under Jeff Fisher and offensive coordinator Rob Boras.What if the Rams had passed up the opportunity to hire Sean Mc Vay and held on to Fisher for another interminable season? If he had been truly dismal for a second consecutive campaign, would the Rams have given up on him and gone after yet another quarterback this offseason?

We could come close to an NFL record this year before any players take a snap.Over the past two days, I've looked into how and why we struggle with the most important part of the draft process.I started Monday with what recent history can tell us, and will try to answer the "why" in Part 2 on Tuesday, as well as evaluate whether the problems are fixable and apply what we know (and don't know) to the Class of 2018.The league has access to more information than ever before, but the job has become tougher.A wider range of passing offenses at the collegiate level have made it more difficult for obstinate coaches to translate amateur success into bland professional schemes.

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