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After social media (specifically The Shade Room) posted a snippet of Sammie’s new track "I’m Him," accumulating over three million views on Instagram, Sammie got back to work and headed to the studio."It was the people that made ‘I’m Him’ the first single,” Sammie told , led with the hit single "I Like It" -- which climbed to No. He took a break only to return a few short years later with the Jazze Pha-produced track "You Should Be My Girl" and even assisted Despite embarking on a burgeoning path to commercial success, Sammie removed himself from music once again.Were you afraid people would sort of forget about Sammie? Music is a universal language so to be able to go into the studio and create these ideas, make melodies and to touch millions of people on this Earth, that’s a powerful gift.It made the journey a little more difficult as far as rising back to the top but I believe wholeheartedly that if you’re great at what you do, you'll always be able to create other opportunities for yourself. As soon I graduated [high school], I knew college wasn’t in my near future. "You Should Be My Girl" came out and it was just the shock value of how much I had grown since [fans had] last seen me and I’m super happy that they embraced me back.

That’s why music is so disposable to this day as we speak.After a catastrophic falling out with a former business manager, he launched his own imprint, Star Camp Entertainment, inspiring him to channel his energy back into music leading up to his latest release, I just really wanted to be a child and live a normal life.When you’re blessed with success at a young age, it was an exciting time for me and my family but at the same time it was kind of hard to juggle superstardom as well as having a sense of normalcy.I made it my business to not use Auto Tune and oversaturate my projects.I made it my business to write about transparency and honesty. What greater way to do that than through R&B music? It’s kind of my mission to influence my peers to go back into the studio and reconsider the content that they’re singing about because it’s been too long of this hip-hop influenced R&B going on.

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