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But there are still a lot of singers and songwriters who have a bit more integrity than most of the chart-toppers and quietly make quality music, break no sales records but earn respect from fans and critics.

Rahsaan Patterson is definitely an artist from the latter school.

It is what it is and things happen in life and particularly when you are a child you don't have control over it. Do you think talking being open with your sexuality has negatively, or positively, impacted your career?

I don't really know, but what I do know is that I've never been in the closet or hiding anything.

Finally Rahsaan Patterson made happy his fans in early 2004 when he released "After Hours" under UK-based Dome Records more than two years late on the due date.

Rahsaan Patterson starred for four years in Disney children's show "Kids Incorporated".

After the series ended, Rahsaan (with his family) moved back to New York striving to resume his career with small TV roles and assorted commercials, but in the early '90s producer and friend Les Pierce persuaded him to move back to Los Angeles to record demos and try his luck as a solo artist.

We all possess sexuality and we all possess the ability to be sexual with whoever we choose to be and that is not all of who we are. I think sometimes people get hung up on that and it takes away from someone's true purpose. A majority of gay men do not report abuse, and, the majority of abused women are not lesbian.

Patterson's comments are causing alarm across the black gay virtual community, which has been very supportive of his work and coming out.

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