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I don’t care how many tumors you’ve removed from children: your style is going to embarrass me in public, so I won’t date you.Another guy I dated dumped me after he told me he felt like I don’t listen., which I assume has amended its slogan to “Democracy Dies in Darkness, But Hey, Let’s Hear From Some of That Darkness.” Her piece, titled “I am tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion,” describes her experiences dating two Jewish men.Both relationships failed, which led her to the rational conclusion: no more Jews for me!Even though my exes aren’t overtly religious and don’t even attend church with their families, I’ve found myself observing Christian holidays and even watching . Every time our relationship got more serious, I’d think to myself, “Could this really work out with a Christian?Of course, even though Christianity and Judaism have a lot of ideological overlap, I can’t help but notice a lot of differences, namely that every single one of my Christian boyfriends ultimately broke up with me. I was surprised the first time I found myself dating a white Christian guy, not because they’re everywhere, but because growing up, I had learned that white Christians have a history of building oppressive systems that rely on white supremacy to maintain sociopolitical power. ”As I became more involved in fun Christian traditions, I would ask him, “Do you think I am going to hell because I’m a Jew?After a few bad experiences, I’ve deemed Christians an absolute no-no.

A neurosurgeon once wore some really foul cargo shorts, so I don’t date medical professionals.

I guess that should have been a warning sign to stop dating Christians right away, but I couldn’t stop—I guess I just love me a tall glass of mayonnaise. I don’t even care that all Christian men wear polo shirts and khakis and boat shoes and attend Dartmouth or University of Alabama; in some ways, that’s what I’m attracted to!

Another relationship with a Christian man failed after he wouldn’t just tell me that I was a “dirty little Jew.” I know that’s what he thought, but he wouldn’t just say it!

I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other women over 50 be able to stop struggling with dating and instead find and meet quality men in record time through my workshops, products and private coaching.

I’ve worked with private clients around the world, spoken in front of groups, written dating advice for newspapers across the country and been featured in online journals and podcasts, sharing the the secrets women over 50 need to get more dates with quality men in record time.

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