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I loved panning the camera up and seeing that his dick was hard while Glenn ground his cock into his semi-virgin hole. Aries was dubious about getting fucked after getting more than a mouthful of Glenn’s rather thick cock.After they blew each other, he volunteered to get fucked first to “get it over with.” Glenn had licked his hole, trying to get him in the mindset. Aries is a tough guy so Glenn got it inside him on the first pass. He may not soon be unloading while getting fucked, but he no longer fears it, and my guess is, after a couple more attempts, he might actually be looking forward to it.I shoot videos several months before a video actually airs, and who knows what a model may have been up to in the interim.Aries had actually tried bottoming once before with a dude that he had messed around with.Glenn shows what a superstar he is by allowing Aries to fuck him until he nuts.

Adrian's cum shot is like someone turned on a faucet: his cock pumps continuous streams of jism.Aries breeds Glenn’s boyhole, dumping his load deep inside!There is a cute outtake at the end for fans of Behind The Scenes moments!The stone wall props up Axel's body when Adrian pushes him back, to tear down his jeans and suck.Blue-black reflected light makes the saliva dripping down Adrian's chin glisten.

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