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I compare and contrast three tools for creating and updating Power Point reports using R: free .

To my mind, this is the most “pure” of the approaches from an R perspective.

As a result, the user has much greater control over the look and feel of the report.

For example, the screenshot below shows a Power Point document created by Displayr.

counter = 0 for (nm in all.names) for (dp in dependent.variable.names) write Doc(document, file = filename ) cat(paste0(counter, " tables and charts exported to ", filename, ".")) Please see the technical notes below before running this example code.

Below we see one of the admittedly ugly slides created using this code.

With more time and expertise, I am sure I could have done something prettier.

New Window ' Unlock the window to start refreshing again Screen Updating = True Exit Sub Err Handle: If Err.Excel & Word have the Screen Updating method thru which a developer can lock the main window from unnecessarily redrawing itself whilst the macro is being executed. If left alone, redrawing is not only ugly on the eyes it also takes more time for the macro to reach completion.Hence I created this generic wrapper to lock the window updates.Yet, I like to do my more complex data science in R – Power Point and R are not natural allies.As a result, creating an updating Power Point reports using R can be painful.

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