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If you're looking for an inexpensive media centre that is easier than the typical Linux distribution set up, then Open ELEC is definitely an option I would recommend trying.I have been using the HP Media Smart Home Server for a few years as my network file server.

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Since 2014, specifics builds supporting a set of Graphics/GPU chipsets (ION, Fusion, Intel,...) are deprecated.Simply put, Open ELEC makes for a very good appliance-style operating system.It turns the host computer into an easy to use multimedia centre, the interface is easy to navigate and yet the distribution remains fairly flexible in both its appearance and function.For an open-source project like Kodi to compete with the commercial products, it will probably have to simplify the process of finding and setting up add-ons.Open ELEC 5 brings Kodi closer than ever to being a plug-and-play product, but it is not quite foolproof yet.

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