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This document explains how to manually apply a MAR file to an existing installation to update it.This is useful in case you wish to patch a Mozilla based application without running the application itself.Attempts to restart the browser may result in multiple instances of Firefox or Sea Monkey in the processes list.You will not be able to start the browser until you first end all browser processes or restart the computer.Now, they’re kept up-to-date automatically and managed through blocklisting for added security.

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If the Firefox or Sea Monkey browser process from the previous session did not exit properly, the next time you attempt to start your Mozilla browser it may fail to start with no error messages.

Do you need to know what version of Firefox do I have?

Having an up to date web browser is vital to having a safe and fully-featured web experience and Firefox's auto-update feature facilitates this very easily.

(If this is a recurring problem, read this for other possible solutions.) [1] [2] Try starting Firefox or Sea Monkey in Safe Mode (see the linked article for details).

If the browser starts when you run it in Safe Mode, it's likely that an extension or, in Firefox 4 and above, hardware acceleration is causing the problem.

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