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Protecting content (also called packaging content) involves encrypting the data section of the file and including some information in the file header that enables players to decrypt the content.

To encrypt the content, you need a key, which is a value used to seed the encryption algorithms.

The server name might not be correct, the server might not be avaialable, or your proxy settings might not me correct.

I'm using Windows Media Player 12.0.7600.16415, Windows 7 Professional -- 64 bit version, and Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385.

A key is made up of two pieces: a key seed (or private key), and a key identifier (or public key).

With the Play Station 4, Sony is desperate to pull a similar trick — to redefine what the console means while actually profiting on hardware sales.

A license includes information that specifies the terms of use for the protected content.

The terms of a license are decided by the content owner and can be customized to meet a variety of needs.

Responsible for that is the so called “Digital rights management” of Windows, DRM. In order to install the security component update you will have to delete/clear the DRM cache. You can do that here: solution to upgrade the component is pretty simple, but can be tricky, especially if you run a x64 system.

Do a quick check here if you can upgrade the security component without flaws: worked?

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