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In that folder, there is the log file for general Share Point usage. Also there’s the PC diagnostic type log files and then the upgrade log files.I use a little utility that just sits on the screen and monitors those files.In this example, we’ve got a couple of customers who are both running Share Point 2013 completely unrelated but just coincidental that they’re both running Share Point 2013.In-house installations, and among some other things, they need some programming, some other work done.They wanted to get their farms up to date to a more recent patch level with Share Point.In the Share Point world, they come out with patches monthly, pretty much so monthly.Matthew Chestnut is a Senior Consultant at Three Will. I get to catch up on what your recent adventures have been.He has over 20 years of software development experience around enterprise and departmental business productivity applications. It sounds like from catching up with you, it sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of administrative type of work. This goes back to our previous conversation we had a few podcasts ago about our Sustainment practice here at Three Will.

It’s easy for these machines to get out of sync or to an older level of Share Point. I was thinking it would only take about thirty minutes.This problem is also not related to specific packages. Nu Get package restore does not modify the project files.It just downloads and extracts the Nu Get packages to the packages directory.The Tropical Storm Warning south of Sebastian Inlet has been discontinued.The storm surge inbound into South Carolina is the largest concern.

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