Trend officescan clients not updating my dating barev net

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As part of the deployment I had 4 VMs running, the Admin server, domain controller, Server 2008 VM and Windows 7 VM.

The configuration I required wasn’t something he had seen in the past but it was definitely something he’d like to see working so we spent a few days trying out different methods to get things working and the steps below is how it was finally fixed.All other VMs are hidden within the cell in their own domain, do not have internet access and exist across multiple v LANS and also each server VM has multiple v NICs.Due to the VMs in the cell being a test and development environment for production-based scada systems it has to sit behind a firewall as the scada teams requested that the test and dev environment have the same IP addresses and machine names as their prod environment.A quick telnet from the Control Manager server confirmed the change had taken effect.I won’t go into the details of how to install Office Scan as this is well covered in the Trend Installation Guide.

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