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Our general manager was Pat Mc Kernan and he would go on to be the league president.He was a former English teacher in Pittsfield and he found out about the rule." That gave Torchia two batting titles in six years.He won the 1962 Midwest League crown (.338) while playing for Keokuk in the Dodgers' system.The Red Sox drafted him out of the Los Angeles system the following season and he stayed with Boston for a dozen years, spending most of his career at the Triple-A level."I'm sure I was hitting over .300 at some point during the season.But I wasn't thinking about winning a batting title.PLAYER Scott Ragsdale Jack Thoney Ed Sabrie George Whitman Harry Swacina Jacob Henn Cy Forsythe Ernie Wilson John Landry JB Whitmore Babe Danzig Jacob Henn George Manush Earl Holt Mike O'Neill Henry Melchior Bill Mc Gilvray Al Humphrey Hunky Shaw Lou Nordyke Joe Holland Curly Brown John Nairn Jack Burke H. Clemens Madison Portland Danville Columbus Wilson Minneapolis San Francisco Birmingham Charlotte San Francisco Spokane Roanoke Goldsboro Vincennes Victoria Walla-Walla Boise Thomasville Charlotte St. (D) Pacific Coast (AA) Virginia (C) Cotton States (D) E. "It was kind of dubious because I got there a month late.

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We never knew the rule about at-bats, we just figured I wouldn't have enough.

The mounds were lowered the following season and normalcy returned.

Bob Kelly led the Eastern League in hitting with a .323 average in 1969 and no one has led the circuit with an average lower than .311 since Torchia.

If I had been a catcher or a second baseman with the way I hit, I probably would have made it.

"It was more gratifying to play for the championship in '68. I led the league in hitting and I wasn't that old, but I didn't get drafted by anyone and guys who hit .240 and .250 in that league did." Torchia's experience in '68 certainly was unique.

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