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If you want to give a user an XML file generated by a client program so he import the data in desktop publishing program and print it, would you code it so it will replace the 5 reseverd XML charcters ( Tom: I have create a sample xml file with some special symbol entities (second description). January 17, 2009 - am UTC SMK - this is sort of a forum on how to use Oracle, not IE....

I also tried the file with special sybmol and still would not display in IE.

January 17, 2009 - pm UTC it is not really an Oracle one, it is - much like the above - an XML question.

Currently I am using a column of varchar2 type since this column has some other data as well. Apparently the character set your database supports, or that your client is configured to support (NLS_LANG setting) does not agree with you that alt 0186 is the 'degree' symbol.

But when I insert this in database, instead of degree sign I get question (? You might want to peek at this document: get an idea of the complexity behind what you are asking here...

The client will convert that character set to Win-1252 and then save the file in whatever format it supports. There are a few line feeds that needs to be stored in oracle. It then calls an oracle API using HTTP so it can stored nicely in the db.

The XML file has entity reference for line feed " " .

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