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Brad reveals that those who take a life, even if accidentally, they must pay for it through service as a grim reaper.

Brad gives Zach two empty soul rings to help Zach and Natalie into their bodies, and helps him rescue Natalie from the Soultaker.

Anna wakes her to tell Natalie that the tub is full.

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Instead of attacking her, The Soultaker attempts to make a pact with her, offering her eternal life, with the one proviso being that she stay by his side forever.

The Soultaker is about to claim Tommy, when the Angel of Death appears to collect Brad's soul, and to reprimand his subordinate for failing to take Natalie when he had the chance.

After delivering Brad's soul, the Soultaker enters the store and claims Tommy's soul. Anna tells Natalie that she will run a bath for Natalie, so she can relax. When she gets upstairs Natalie and Anna talks about Natalie's relationship with Zack.

Later they go to pick up another teenager named Tommy Marcetto. To avoid running over the Soultaker, Brad swerves and crashes into a tree.

At Summerfest, the Angel of Death tells Soultaker to kill Brad, Tommy (Chuck Williams), Zack, Natalie, and Brad's girlfriend Candice at . The five teenagers take Brad's car and leave Summerfest. After the crash, Natalie, Brad, Zack, and Tommy find themselves a little away from the car unharmed. Meanwhile, the Soultaker is at the crash site where it is shown that everyone has been critically injured. When Soultaker tries to get Brad's soul, he discovers that Candice's soul was still in her body but every one else's souls flew out.

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