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Do they still have any printer's ink at newspapers. Lucy Lawless will be making a guest appearance as Molly Bloom, faithless wife, reading from Mollys extraordinary and explicit 50-page soliloquy. 6/17/14 -- Posted a youtube video of a portion of Lucy doing the Bloomsday reading. Posted the links to the articles in the NZ Herald that Lucy assigned as editor. 6/11/14 -- Lucy did an online chat at the NZ Herald office today. They also tweeted some photos of her digging in and getting her fingers covered with printer's ink. 6/9/14 -- The end of May, Lucy sent me a note saying she was working on an article for the Herald. , celebrated in pubs the world over on June 16, the world's sole annual commemoration of a totally fictional date, June 16, 1904, a date in which something happened only in a book. No additional tokens will ever be created FACE is the only closed-loop settlement mechanism within Faceter decentralized network FACE is the fuel of a decentralized network enabling GPU-miners to enabling GPU-miners to utilize their existing equipment The #1 smart security solution for millions of households worldwide 5 years of experience in AI and computer vision. Studio Tour Hollywood has officially opened its all-new "Classics Made Here" tour!

So we celebrate his life, his many kindnesses and his public spiritedness. Thank-you for your many kindnesses in paying forward. As this is a FREE non-ticketed event, get there early to queue for a seat. We will have it up on social media and our website pretty soon, probably later this week. I'll be sending out a link to the interview as soon as we finish editing it. Seems like everyone, including me, dives in at the last minute. We've added Earth Hour, Guerrilla gardening helping bees, butterflies to survive, prayer and cooking for the homeless. Keep these great ideas coming :) 3/23/14 -- The 120 Hours is going great guns and, as we did last year, we've already shot by the number we were aiming for! We've got, for example, helping animals, Girl Scouts and seniors, building and tree trimming for neighbors, volunteering in schools, recycling and participating in Earth Hour.

Thank-you all for giving your time to enrich your own communities. We ain't perfect but we try to do the right thing always.1/8/13 -- After hurling ourselves off the rigging of the Tucker Thompson, into the cool clear waters of Matauri, I hitched a ride over to the Rainbow Warrior III. 9/20/14 -- Lucy's 6-part Australian mini-series, The Code, starts tomorrow in the US on Direct TV/Audience. (Actually she's going to Melbourne and the Gold Coast, not Brisbane) 3/9/14 -- Going to do the 120 Hours Project again this year for Lucy's birthday as it was such a success last year. 3/4/14 -- Lucy will be in the Parks and Recreation finale on April 24. She's just signed on to play Mama Morton in the Hollywood Bowl production of Chicago July 26 - 28! This stunning aqua blue horse has been painted by Lucy Lawless in support of Starship Children's Hospital.

Very exciting to be back on board with some of the original crew of the RW I, which was bombed by the French Govt in 1985. L9/24/16 -- Lucy confirms Ash vs Evil Dead appearances at Michigan State University and New York Comic Con (see above). 1/22/15 -- Looks like we're nearing a sellout of the Saturday tickets for the 2015 Burbank Xena convention -- the day Lucy and Renee are appearing! 9/20/14 -- 7/31/14 -- Read Lucy's new NZ Herald column on Irlen Syndrome. 2/22/14 -- Lucy had a great time at the Ella Benefit and she sent me a couple phone videos of the rehearsal. She's also 6/12/13 -- New email addy for Lucy's website is [email protected]/11/13 -- And that fabulous Blue Horse sold for 0NZ. 6/5/13 -- Starship Bids for Kids -- Check out the link to the life-size horse painted by Lucy. Aptly named 'Argo' after Xena's horse, Lucy was inspired by the ancient Egyptian faience sculptures of the waterhorse or hippo, most fearsome of all African animals.

From humble beginnings, he made a sensational job of it. No matter what you have chosen to gift the world this year, I am so honoured to be associated with you. executive producers confirm at San Diego Comicon that Lucy will guest star on the series. See links above including a tweet from an actor on the show with a photo of a Lucy-signed S. 4/27/14 -- Lucy loved all the great things you did and she sent a message (look left! 4/26/14 -- 120 Hours Project for Lucy's birthday -- the final total is 10281/2 Hours!! And I received a few messages asking if I could just extend this until the end of this week. Mark it on the calendar And check the latest additions. Crisis hotlines, quilting, videos of WWII veterans, holding hands in hospice, assembling brown bag lunches for shelters, puppet shows, singing with kids. It does so much good and probably sends you off to sleep with a smile on your face for the smiles you've put on others' faces. You guys are awesome :) 3/27/14 -- Up to 375 hours! You're out doing more work with animals, nature and kids. Thanks to all who have written so far and let's keep it going!! Way too many exclamation points, but this is exciting!!!!!!!

We are not here long so let's try to leave the planet a little better off for our having been here. Cake baking, counseling, tutoring, reading to kids and driving folks who don't have their own car. 3/21/14 -- AUSXIP Starship Charity Auction now online. 9/21/13 -- 8/31 UPDATE: Lucy did hurt her leg this afternoon, but she'll be ok.

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