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However, Sasha Grey always had bigger plans for herself and that is what has allowed her to bridge the gap between porn and mainstream media so effectively.In 2008 Sasha capitalized on her porn career fame by landing a role in the video for the song Superchrist by the The Smashing Pumpkins album Zeitgeist.Sasha felt her views were mischaracterized by the show and vowed to have greater artistic control over her future appearances.

When Sasha Gray was little, her parents got divorced and later her mother remarried.The film was directed by legendary XXX icon John Stagliano and was destined to become one of the most watched porn movies made that year.Fortunately for Sasha, one of the girls already cast to be part of the production needed to be replaced and that was the big break Sasha Grey needed to get her sex film career on track.Sasha was raised in a house by her mother and step-father.She was always intellectually gifted but had a very hard time conforming to the rules and structure of elementary education.

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