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Do you feel like you’re so busy with life that it seems like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions? As for the rest of us, exhaustion is the name of the game.

As a pastor I often feel pulled in multiple directions.

To guide us toward wholeness, the author offers two exercises. One of the exercises involves sitting up in a chair, breathing in and out, and then listen to those inner voices that continually speak to us.

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But again, I doubt that I’m all that different from many others, including members of my own congregation. Some would say, get some rest, but is that possible and is that the solution?

While we all seem to want to pursue self-improvement, he suggests we abandon the quest as a fool’s errand.

From this poetic awakening, De Groat moves on to address the question of holiness.

In both books I found wisdom shared by one who has not only studied the challenges of life, but has learned from his own challenges.

In Wholeheartedness De Groat addresses the challenges of our busy, distracted, and divided lives.

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