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About three weeks before he terrorized Aspen with a bomb threat and shot himself to death, Blanning launched a plot to wrestle ownership of a mining claim away from Pitkin County. 8 conveyed their alleged ownership interest in four patented mining claims to a limited liability company that they controlled.

Blanning’s primary goal was to sell the eight-acre Pride of the West mining claim near the ghost town of Independence and force the county government to file a lawsuit to prove it had clear title, according to Gaard Moses, a longtime friend and occasional business associate of Blanning.

In some cases, Whitsitt acknowledged, Blanning and others were correct about inconsistencies in process.

The county’s procedures on tax sales seemed particularly flawed in 1908, he said.

Blanning apparently took the first step last month to establish a chain of title to the property.

A special warranty deed was conveyed from Blanning, Gordon S.

He spent hours poring over the ownership records dating back to the 1880s.

Blanning found methods ” some legitimate and some questionable ” of acquiring partial or whole interests in mining claims.

The ownership interests were conveyed to the Michigan, Silver Cup and Unicorn mining claims as well as the Pride of the West.

The county claims to own the Unicorn and Pride of the West in whole.

It claimed one-ninth interests in the Michigan and Silver Cup.

in Denver, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s records. And he is listed on some of Great Wonder’s annual reports.

(In his suicide note, Blanning distances himself from Thompson and said he was just using the man’s name on the limited liability company material.)Pitkin County Attorney John Ely said the assessor’s office alerted him last month that Blanning had conveyed a special warranty deed to property that the county claimed it owned.

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