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I am that daughter, and I dedicate this story to parents everywhere who love their children as my parents loved me.Perhaps my story will help you and your family avoid the pitfalls of the young and the not so young who willingly sacrifice their souls to the dreams and aspirations of the “great.” This is a true story, but as I recount the strange happenings of it, I wonder if it will seem beyond belief to those who have for years given their loyalty, trust and love to the major characters who must be described herein.Gothard that would later end in tragedy for many on his staff.It is easy to report the havoc which transpired, but the difficult challenge is to reveal what caused it.The pain and suffering I read on Recovering Grace is what she wanted to stop.The Institute we lived under is different than yours.

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My favorite song expressed my driving purpose, “Give of thy best to the Master, give Him the strength of thy youth.” So when Mr.This task is both difficult and painful for it requires exposing the actions of a man so many hold in great esteem.There is no other way, however, to tell the true story or to provide the facts which may help you guard yourself and your family from the devastation which has left its mark on many lives, including my own. The memories were too painful, and she never had the opportunity to finish writing it. Her journey was long and difficult, filled with physical, emotional and spiritual pain.By the age of 15 I was well acquainted with the ministry of Bill Gothard and the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts. Gothard’s seminar could enrich my life and teach me much about such important matters as making lasting friends and being successful in the area of dating. Gothard’s seminar so vital to my personal growth that they drove me, along with the young man I was dating, a thousand miles to spend a week listening to the teachings they assured me would change my life. My dating habits didn’t change drastically because my parents had already taught me godly principles. I became a devoted follower of the Institute’s seminars, listening with total commitment to the teachings of a man I was sure could achieve his vision of “turning the world upside down” with his new concepts of living.I faithfully sought to apply each of his concepts and struggled with feelings of guilt whenever I failed to do so.

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