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The first inhabitants of what is now Perry County were Mississippian Mound Builders who cultivated corn and constructed earthen mounds.

The Mississippian Cultures inhabited the region until their decline in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Their boundaries, following natural geographical features, were quite irregular.

In 1856, the borders were made symmetrical and two new townships, St. After 1821, the descendants of French colonial families from Ste.

The first American settlers to Perry County arrived during the latter half of the 1790s and claimed rich land in Bois Brule Bottom.

These Americans organized the region's original Baptist Church in 1807.

There they set up two churches, the first York Chapel, near present-day Longtown, about 5 miles (8 km) southeast of Perryville, and in 1836 a second in Perryville itself.

Then in 1844-1845, they divided between north and south over the question of whether a bishop could own slaves.

Genevieve and the lower part of the Bois Brule Bottoms.

In the early 19th century, a second group of American settlers crossed the Mississippi River to take advantage of Spanish land offers.

These were Roman Catholics of English stock from north-central Kentucky.

In 1764, when the terms of the 1763 Treaty of Paris were announced in Louisiana, the French settlers found themselves transferred to an alien domination, that of Spain.

In general the French were unhappy with the change of rule and the Spanish governance of the territory was an uneasy one, occasionally punctuated by armed rebellion. Genevieve area, the Spaniards, making a virtue of necessity, tended to let the French govern themselves.

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