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Do not use a food dish or bowl, as they can easily become territorial over it.

You then need to put in two water bottles or bowls – if you use bowls they must be removed and replaced with bottles before any babies start to wander around the cage – I have had babies drown in water bowls before – it definitely does happen!!

Both the male and the female need to be in peak condition before they are placed into the same cage.

Both hamsters should be from reputable breeders who keep reliable background information on their hamsters.

Each hamster should have at least three generations of known ancestors on their Pedigree.

If, after a few days, there is no squeaking or boxing, it should be safe to start adding toys and wheels to the cage.

Always add two of each type of toy, as this reduces the chance of them starting to squabble, and always try to add only one type of toy every few days or every week – as it will then be easier to determine what might have caused any squabbles or arguments.

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