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“Then I found an extra-marital website which caters for married people who want affairs, but not to destroy their marriages.

“It was ideal — I got all the fun of a date, fabulous sex with a very grateful man and none of the responsibility of a relationship.

And worst of ALL Nigerian Men think a woman who laughs with a lot of men must be having Sex with them ! But if you give them Sex without a sense of humour they will hire basketmouth i go die Gordons Alibaba for both of you on a date out and a laughing woman is a willing woman and you will still be quite attractive to them !

Why do you think Night of a thousand laughs is one of the best places to take your girl to on a date ?

“Because so many of the men I meet hardly get any sex from their wives they are so grateful in bed and they really want to please you.

I’m definitely not looking to split up marriages — I think I actually enhance them.

“I didn’t feel guilty then and I don’t feel guilty now.

After my partner died, instead of looking for a new relationship with a single man, I prefer to date married men.” Londoner Lee has had affairs with seven married men since 2010 and says: “I’m currently seeing a businessman who is in his late 50s, who lives outside London. He doesn’t want a divorce and that is so important to me.

But if you give them SEX with poor hygiene you will still be quite attractive to them 2.A woman who laughs with every Man is a NO NO for Nigerian Men .No Man wants to be with a girl who can never laugh at herself "I am not fine I am fat I am this or that ", make a joke or find humour in a situation.please ask me how many comediennes are in Naija sef !However, most of them don’t understand why they can’t.Here are a few things that might be turning those Men off you: 1.

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