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Traveling as part of a plane’s cargo is not recommended under any circumstances. Department of Transportation publishes monthly and yearly summaries of consumer complaints to airlines, which are revealing.We trust baggage carriers and airlines to get our luggage and checked items to our destination safely and on time. black and white cat on an airplane by Shutterstock." / A concerned citizen has taken it upon himself to keep a running tally of data since 2005 regarding the DOT’s reports on pets and mishaps related to air travel.Airlines are prepared to provide a safe environment for your cat while flying.But even though airlines and flight attendants are tailored to assist you with your feline flyer, you as a pet owner, have to be ready to take care of your cat’s physical and emotional needs.Taking a cat on a plane means investing in a cat carrier.Whether it’s hard- or soft-sided, it will need to fit snugly under the seat in front of you.Some only allow it seasonally, and even that is subject to change at a moment’s notice.

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S.-based airlines no longer allow pets to be transported as cargo.For example, Delta, United, and US Airways each charge 5 for a pet in an approved carrier.Depending on your destination, layovers, and transfers, there may be extra charges applied for a single one-way journey.While the use of tranquilizers or sedatives may seem like an easy option for keeping you cat calm during a flight, they might not be necessary.“The average cat does better with flights than we expect,” says Dr.

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