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This strategic position in the fertile Beit She'an valley made it one of the major cities in the Land of Israel.

In the course of the excavations remains of 20 strata/settlements were exposed, which date from the Neolithic/Chalcolithic periods (5th-4th millennia BCE) to the Byzantine period (7th century CE).This led the excavators to surmise that immigrants from northeastern Anatolia and the Caspian region had settled in Beit She'an.During the Middle Bronze Age (first half of the 2nd millennium BCE), Beit She'an declined into a town of minor significance.This building was either a public storehouse or a granary; it was destroyed by fire, leaving burnt wooden beams and a large quantity of charred grain and pulses.High-quality pottery vessels decorated in black and red were found among local, inferior ware.

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