Richfaces progress bar not updating

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Clicking a button in the browser and not getting any immediate feedback can be very frustrating for the user.

Not knowing what is going on, the user would probably try to click the same button again and again, or reload the page, or close the application.

This bean will generate a random number which will determine the number of Order Records to insert, then when inserting those Order Records, random data will be generated to populate it.

Async When accessing the page, you must first start the Long Running conversation by clicking the Begin LRC button.

Depending on where the Progress Bar is on the page, its client ID will change.

For example, if the Progress Bar with an ID of There is a sample project file attached to this article, called Progress Bar

In the next section, you'll see more realistic examples. This page has a button that initiates a time-consuming action on the server.

IBM® Rational® Application Developer Version 7 introduced several new Java™ Server Faces technology (JSF) components that make it easier to build rich Web applications.

Among them is a Progress Bar component that you can use to provide a visual indication that a task is running.

The code above runs a report and starts the progress bar, which continues until the report is complete and another part of the program navigates you to a separate page to see the report.

The rich:progress Bar displays a standard progress widget, and allows for additional facets such as initial, and finish state customizations.

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