Radiometric dating detector

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Dr Baumgardner repeated this with six more alluvial diamonds from Namibia, and these had even more radiocarbon.

The presence of radiocarbon in these diamonds where there should be none is thus sparkling evidence for a ‘young’ world, as the Bible records.

Researchers immediately knew they were witnessing the death spiral of two neutron stars.

Over several days, the source faded from bright blue to dimmer red.

Then, after 11 days, it began to glow in x-rays and radio waves.

“It’s been superexciting to see something that was just an idea come to life,” says Daniel Kasen of the University of California, Berkeley, who has modeled kilonovas.

“All this stuff was done basically with eyes-closed theory.” The observation even bolstered Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity by confirming that gravitational waves travel at the same speed as light and not more slowly, as some alternative theories had predicted.

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