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All a woman has to do in order to successfully date in the virtual world is to put a few stupid lines on her profile and to upload a hot profile picture.

Once that is done For us men it is a bit more complicated to transform the registration on an online dating site into a sexual adventure.

Seriously, if you meet a girl in real life after you talked to her on a dating site, you shouldn’t be surprised when she suddenly weights ten kilo more than on her profile picture.

Maybe you are really lucky and her boobs got smaller and you see wrinkles that haven’t been on her profile picture.

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My colleague Radio Wright gives some great tips that can help you to write and design an amazing online dating profile. If you really think about it this flood of messages is pretty logical.I am sorry that I have to say this but if you do nothing besides uploading a handsome profile picture before you wait until you get the first message of a sexy girl, you won’t get laid.We men have to work hard and especially smart in order to succeed with women in the virtual world.Take a few professional photos and make sure that her vagina already wants you before you write her for the first time.In case you have read a few of my other articles you should know that I am not one of those guys who say that all women are evil little liars.

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