Online dating site credit card

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We also cater to gay men here, lesbian women here, and even platonic friendships.

We are not associated in any way with the sites mentioned in this article. The charge might appear with the customer service number such as: SITEUSERBILL. It also prevents you from seeing what you are really signing up for. There are multiple re-directs to different websites that eventually lands on SITEUSERBILL. Remember the billing name rotates, and the free bonus offers change occasionally.Are you dreaming of dating in California or romance in New York?Or perhaps love in Beautiful BC, that cute single in Alberta, or online dates in Ontario?Bottom Line: A shell company that is using a service with unknown origin, sharing your information as they see fit, and high risk security policies and unknown practices. If you have given your email to a scammer who then referred you to a date verification site, they will sell your email on the dark web.This will result in a high rate of spam and sooner or later, a phishing attempt.

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