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Things are changing but it will be a good 20 years from now at minimum for social evolution to the point of recognizing & valuing individual choices. Until then, prostitutes and if you're lucky...exploiting one of the aforementioned Indian "hippies" is the way to go Good post Sonny. Go to any part of the Spanish coast or any Greek island if you want that. Does not make the women any less hideous or fugly though. I got a driver to drive me around Delhi and show me all the sites for 6 hours for (but read the cons, some things are expensive) Cons - You will not get laid. - Expensive Hotels (the only decent places to stay are the 4 or 5 star hotels. Anything cheaper and you have the chance of getting your shit stolen, or the bed being to dirty to sleep in) - Poverty. It's pretty much a game of pretense and 1upping other people.I've visited the Spanish island of Ibiza and to the Greek Islands last year, and yup, tons of British chicks (and guys) there. The psychology behind this is the Hindu dowry system (wherein the MALE gets paid) and the complete disregard for individuality, especially women's- who are coddled from birth to death & don't really need to expend any effort in anything.Everyone can find something to do once the sun goes down. The whiskey cocktail 'haryana wali' is mindblowing.. Hidden But Thriving Ever since the allegedly booming underground sex industry in Goa made it to the cover of India Today a few years ago in a sensational story headlined ‘Sex and Drugs on Cocaine Coast’, recipe things haven’t really been the same in Goa.

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I've always thought of India as a conservative culture, so I'm wondering is it worth going out and trying to pull a one night stand while I'm there? Interested to hear the answer as I have a thing for Indian chicks. And when they went to the beach in a bikini, guys were all peeping and leering like they'd never seen a half-nude woman in their lives. I'm guessing the best chance of getting laid in India is from other foreigners visiting. Yes, but it will take some time, social contacts, and she will want a commitment. Go to any part of the Spanish coast or any Greek island if you want that. Does not make the women any less hideous or fugly though.Otherwise if you aren't fussed about nationality you're looking at ex-pat and traveller type places of which there are many in the main cities nearer the tourist traps. When I was in Rio, that's the same reason I had no interest in paying a cover to get in one of those clubs where rich Brazilians party, even though the girls were hot.And people would travel to India to hook up with drunk British chicks because? Significantly more than any other place I've ever been. adhere to the fucked up social traditions & customs here to have a shot at getting laid for free.Games chat brings the best gamers together to play games that show the best.doom is a very popular game that games chat can be played.

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