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I love to sit on mommys belly so I can feel baby p as he kicks for me!!

I can tell we're going to be great friends☺️ A post shared by Juno & Legend (@msjunoandlegend) on I'm at an absolute loss for words. He is the epitome of working hard, dreaming big and achieving the all American Dream.

Sadly enough I'm sure that number has increased, but you can help by teaching your children to be water safe.

Fun fact: my mom and dad named me after the Roman Goddess Juno there's many different reasons why but right now my main job is to be the protectress of my mom.Boomer has been seen on Olympics broadcasts rocking noise-canceling headphones while his dad swims. Juno and Legend, the French bulldogs, take up prime real estate in Johnson's Instagram feed.(Though here's betting their jealous of Boomer taking up their turf.) For a while, Juno even had her own Instagram account too.Phelps's mom, Debbie, credits Johnson and little Boomer for keeping her son on the right track, even when Phelps is busy training."They've adjusted themselves so well, but they talk together every night their conversation, and I just think they have a very special, loving bond between the three of them," she told WBAL-TV.

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