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The man wrote her a three-page apology letter and pleaded with her not to pursue the case.“He told me, ‘How can I show my face in public if the world finds out what I did?

The participants at the Hyehwa protests — activists and ordinary citizens backed by a fierce Twitter army to boot — were condemning the continuing availability of spycam porn and the double standard on the part of the police.

They point to the recent spycam case at Hongik University: In May, a woman was arrested for secretly filming and distributing an image of a male nude model.

The woman, surnamed Ahn, was made to stand in front of the media, albeit wearing a mask.

“I’ve seen a spycam case where the woman was being blackmailed by a man, and the police still didn’t arrest him.”Arrests do happen, though sparsely.

Between 20, out of the nearly 20,924 male suspects, 2.6 percent — around 540 — were placed under detention.

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