Meeting parents before dating

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I cant see any reason why he wouldnt want to show you off ! Though it might sound strange,he can probably provide much more accurate answer to your questionthan a bunch of strangers. The only holiday I see my parents for is Christmas.

He does spend a lot of time with his family and does talk about them but thats about it, no mention of meeting them, hes met my family and friends,ive met a few of his friends but only one or like a prat asking such a stupid question,but i just wondered if anyone else has had similar experience, i mean 9 months a long time for me but maybe not for him.

If the question sends him running he is not good long-term material anyway.

9 months is more than enough time for him to figure out how he feels and I think I would be more than curious if he is close to his family and has left you out of that loop.

The first few months, understandable, but certainly when you hit 6, it would have been appropriate to start introducing you to someone that is a blood relative, or even a really close family friend.

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