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Freelance writer Jenn Rice and her friend decided to take a trip to Barcelona on a whim in 2009.It was so spontaneous that they didn’t bother to book a hotel, and they quickly found themselves following two random guys down a popular street, La Rambla, hoping they would lead them to a spot with a vacancy.In 2008, Kristin moved to Cali and in 2009 they had a secret courthouse wedding, followed by a big affair in 2010.Their jobs have grown, as well as their love of travel (and one another) over the years, allowing them to explore frequently.Throughout the four months aboard the ship, they secretly fell in love, and then continued their journey as a couple, taking a long vacation to Mexico to really get to know one another.

"But now we own a small media agency that specializes in custom content for destinations, travel brands, and tourism boards, so we get to travel together—far and often—for a living! I've visited all 50 states and more than 120 countries, and we've probably traveled through at least 50 of those as a couple."In 2012, Antonia Hornung and Andrei Mocanu were both looking for something different. Something that opened up their careers—and their minds—to the world.

They spent 2013 exploring the Canadian Rockies and then booked a family vacation with Andrei’s parents to Los Cabos, where a little over a year after they met, he asked her to marry him.

After a long engagement, the couple plans to marry in September 2017 in Mykonos, Greece. They're getting plenty of exercise.“Ever since we met, traveling has been an integral part of our relationship, whether it was for fun or for work," Antonia said.

That’s when they both applied to the only residential mega-yacht, the After going to hospitality school in Switzerland, Antonia scored a spot in their management trainee program, while Andrei took the opportunity to work as the yacht’s front-office manager.

Though Antonia had small talk with Andrei at orientation, she found him to be a bit full of himself and initially wrote him off.

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