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They were supposed to join the Peace Corps together, but Shannon breaks his heart; thus inspiring him to "suit up." The design on this How I Met Your Mother t-shirt also features a hand giving the "high two" sign, also known as the peace sign.

Link to: Sorry, I only give high twos Description: The front of these funny How I Met Your Mother t-shirts display the Barney Stinson quote, "Legen- wait for it...

The student screams at her father, who turns out to be Marshall’s boss’s boss, thus completing the chain of screaming.When you see that new couple change their Instagram bio to each other’s names, or walk around attached at the hip, you know that they’re just trying to rub it in your face.But, just like in the show, this is a phase that’s bound to end.This theory is more than likely to appear in real life, as people tend to vent their anger out on someone else.Who better to be the target than someone below you?

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