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-- It's been a whirlwind year so far for Ashlyn Nichols of Hannibal, and it's not over yet.The 18-year-old daughter of Jason and Chrystal Nichols just finished her senior year at Hannibal High School and will start college this fall at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar. But on top of that, Nichols in January was named the 2018 Distinguished Young Woman of Missouri -- a title she earned in a seven-woman competition.Other differences in Mark Twain Cave are the near total lack of speleothems, mineral deposits like stalagmites and stalactites in large open areas.Mark Twain Cave and Cameron Cave instead have a multitude of narrow, winding passages.Cummins said the program not only gives young women the chance to earn scholarships, but it also lets participants take part in service projects while networking with others from around the country."It's a wonderful stepping stone for your future," she said.Twain would weave that suspicion into the plot of Tom Sawyer in a grave robbing scene involving Injun Joe.

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"It's been fun but definitely exhausting," Nichols said in an interview she squeezed in between her contest preparations and her summer job as a tour guide at Hannibal's Mark Twain Cave.

Nichols is already embroiled in preparations for the national competition, which will test the participants' skills in the areas of scholastic achievement, self-expression, interview, fitness and talent.

Nichols honed her physical fitness by playing on HHS's varsity tennis team for four years.

One odd, even macabre, event in the cave's early history occurred in the late 1840s when Hannibal physician Dr.

Joseph Nash Mc Dowell purchased the cave and used it for several years as a laboratory for experiments on human corpses.

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