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Some of the more pleasing possibilities are that you inherit a house, get a huge tax break on one or perhaps your partner will find a fantastic job that will allow you to build the home of your dreams.Another great thing is that this could be a banner year for your health in general. You only problem might be fighting off all those vying for your attention.Or perhaps you will meet your next partner if this would be a second marriage for you. You have a lot of uneven energy towards your 9th house of foreign business, travel and getting an education. The only animal we need to control is ourselves and if every one of us did that we wouldn't be wasting so much money on defense and law enforcement and dogma and draconian measures and all the stuff people with power use to control those without it. This is a tricky configuration and very much dedicated to your Soul development.Your ruler Mercury will go retrograde on the 26th, which is not a novelty for you but can still make for some annoyances. I'm going to do good with my goodies for people I don't even know. (And if you think we do not have Souls, quit taking my advice because what I will tell you will never help you but will mislead you).Though this may be difficult because of further friction from your spouse or best friend.Saturn is still visiting your partnership house, as it was last year.If you would like to enhance your appearance this might be a good year to have a makeover or do some kind of minor cosmetic surgery.

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Many of you have been married for some time or have a very reliable partner/bff/business associate. If this is your blessing this year, please be fiscally responsible. Well, this only works if you actually BELIEVE in angels. It appears that the issues you may have had last year will be brought into much clearer focus.

If you have been feeling under the weather or having problems finding health care that suits you Jupiter's forward motion may bring you relief from your symptoms or some better options.

Your relations with co-workers should be more harmonious and if you are looking for work there is a good chance you can at least get a lead on a great position if not have already landed it and as Jupiter moves forward you receive the job offer.

You may have some kind of great idea having something to do with homes, family, kids, comfort and cooking, even home beautification projects. High teacher that was smarter than they had any right to be and shouldn't have been teaching kiddos but probably running the world. Fortunately for you the Universe is sending you a bunch of advanced options. You will probably be looked to to speak for someone that you have either done some business with together in a speculative nature, stocks or even gambling, but probably an artistic appreciation that has not been overly fulfilling for a financial partner.

Lucky you, these are wonderful areas of endeavor to be involved in and should make you feel better about things in general. You have a bit of intensity involving your financial sector. You can make a bundle if you play your cards right. Or are you being given gifts others earned and getting the places you are because of who you know and not what you know. Your financial situation needs some immediate attention and it is fortunate that you have a lot of energy to put into this problem.

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