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• Boost sales of specific items you want to promote to targeted markets.• Create ' Fan Only' group offers and increase your Fan base to increase interaction with potential customers even before the point of purchase.• Convert your fans into paying customers, while generating buzz for your business.• Motivate your customers to spread the word on your products to their networks of Facebook friends.• Increase brand loyalty.

Set your own parameters, including minimum number of buyers and expiry date. The Group Offer Feature enables merchants to offer discounts on specific items in their catalogues that go into effect once there are a minimum number of buyers. You, the retailer, stipulate that if a minimum of 100 units are sold, the unit price will be . (*Statistics taken from social commerce webinar hosted by Opus Research and Internet2go.)Although third-party group-buy sites are popping up everywhere, why not make a group-buy offer right on your Facebook storefront?

You create Group Offers in the ' Group offer' tab in the Zibaba Shop Manager.

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That’s right be patient in any and everything you do when involving yourself with a mature man.Facebook is the ideal destination for these kinds of group-buy offers. Offering your clients group buys straight from you, rather than through a third party, will increase your revenue, give you full control over analytics, and create buzz for your Facebook shop. It is up to you to decide the minimum number of customers and closing expiry time of the offer.The extended networks of Facebook friends and fans sharing purchasing preferences make group-buy offers easy to implement, while increasing sales and brand loyalty. Moreover, your group-buy offers are displayed on your affiliates' Facebook storefronts, and Zibaba will synchronize the sales!If you don’t have much dating experience, you will find that he can easily do things to make you feel like he is the best thing since slice bread; however, one day in the midst of feeling in love, his emotions can come crashing down, leaving you feeling broken and depressed asking, “What happened? ” Some of these men are only in love with the idea of being with a young woman, but not committing to her for a lifetime.Besides if you are a beautiful, energetic woman who clearly has a life and he is the total opposite, he knows that eventually you will meet someone better than him, so he will attempt to end the relationship especially if you aren’t acting that interested in him.

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