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That we had a solid enough marriage that he could at least bring it to me for consideration.

In doing my research I saw this is common and that world wide we can be very prudish in America.

There is a difference between love and sex and is it cheating??? Just like cheating at playing cards, if we agree that lying during playing cards is “bluffing” then when it happens it’s all in fun… My husband was simply wanting to renegotiate the rules of our relationship. It was a much longer conversation but you get the idea.

the other person isn’t “cheating” they are rather playing the game…. We came to an agreement that he was definitely not allowed to be with anyone else. And that if the situation was right, it would be acceptable in our marriage for me to have another partner. It was a long time before I used my allowances and I’m glad I did.

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I heard a man who simply thought it was hot to fantasize about his wife having fun and having other men try to pick her up. After calming down and doing some research (which by the way is sparse outside of porn) I saw that this was a very common fantasy. He’s still my leader and I only ever want to love him. Your marriage needs to be incredibly strong, you need to be open, and you both need to have come to terms with past shame that can come back and bite you.

After much thought I could see he still respected me… I guess I could respect him a little more for having the courage to talk to me. I don’t believe my outlook on him has changed at all.

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