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We are the used car experts available to help you and the seller avoid the hassles, expense, time and possible confusion associated with taking your potential used vehicle to a dealership or repair shop to be pre-purchase inspected.ASE master certified technicians, and locally respected Portland mobile used car inspection specific company.You’re not required to be present for the inspection and your PDXinspections pre-purchase inspection report (.pdf) is emailed to you directly from the inspection itself within minutes of completion. Your inspection report is easily read/printed using your computer, smart phone, i Phone/i Pad or any other mobile device capable of reading PDF’s.They are easily read and understood, written in layman terms with items of importance highlighted MOBILITY – We go to the vehicle whether it is being sold by a private party or at a dealership.Since 2006 proper Master ASE Certified Technicians performing real inspections.The most technologically advanced used car inspection anywhere We help you avoid the scams, risks, headaches and unnecessary expenses when buying a used vehicle.Many geologists claim that radiometric “clocks” show rocks to be millions of years old.However, to read any clock accurately we must know where the clock was set at the beginning.

Portland's ORIGINAL modern used car inspection company.INDUSTRY LEADING – Our Platinum used car inspections are modeled after manufacture certified vehicle standards (I.e.150 point certified) but are far superior as we also check for repainted panels, frame damage, prior cosmetic and mechanical repairs and proper operation of all electronics/accessories, documenting: tire, suspension, and brake wear as well as running extensive mechanical tests you won’t find with any other used car inspection.COMPLETE – Our inspections are complete: Mechanical/Fluid/Safety/Wear Items/Electrical/Computer Diagnostics/Paint/Body/Frame.Our very thorough mobile used car inspections come with our own complete PDXinspections inspection report (.pdf) immediately emailed to you and start at – Visit our order page for our complete pricing structure COMPLETELY UNBIASED – PDXinspections is a “used car inspection specialist” we're not a repair facility.We do not repair, service or sell vehicles nor do we associate with any other automotive dealer, shop or business and because of this you can be assured we are your only option who is guaranteed to be completely unbiased offering you the most accurate and unbiased evaluation of your potential used car purchase.

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