Dating rules in afghanistan

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© 2017 Paula Bronstein for Human Rights Watch , an estimated two-thirds of Afghan girls do not go to school.And as security in the country has worsened, the progress that had been made toward the goal of getting all girls into school may be heading in reverse—a decline in girls’ education in Afghanistan.Statistics on the number of children in—and out of—school in Afghanistan vary significantly and are contested.Statistics of all kinds—even basic population data—are often difficult to obtain in Afghanistan and of questionable accuracy.Forty-one percent of all schools in Afghanistan do not have buildings.Many children live too far from the nearest school to be able to attend, which particularly affects girls.

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Government statistics indicate that in some provinces, the percentage of students who are girls is as low as 15 percent.

In April 2017, a Ministry of Education official told Human Rights Watch that there are 9.3 million children in school, 39 percent of whom are girls.

All of these figures are inflated by the government’s practice of counting a child as attending school until she or he has not attended for up to three years.

Analysis by the World Bank shows wide variation from province to province in the ratio of girls versus boys attending school, with the proportion of students who are girls falling in some provinces, such as Kandahar and Paktia.

These disparities are mirrored in literacy statistics.

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