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TWO sisters who declared: '' Poland rule the world'' as they battered three English girls in a brutal racist attack have walked free from court.Aleksandra Mut, 23, and younger sibling Angelika Mut, 20, went berserk after two men began making flirty comments towards a group of three women at the end of a night out."Their mum and dad live in Rochdale, they both come from good backgrounds."When they came to this country the two girls were very young. "I think that the court can consider the passage of time, the plea and the lack of antecedents to allow them to continue with their lives.But they were spared jail after a judge said they had ''learnt a hard lesson'' from their behaviour.Afterwards friends of the sisters tried to protect the two blondes from a news photographer - with one baring her bottom at him in the street as they got into a waiting car.She suffered 'claw shaped' scratches to her back, fractured toes and had lost some of her hair.

Rheann Burrows had a sore head and neck and scratches.

'' and then joined Angelika in setting about the women.

Victim Jade Ellis was spat at in the face and kicked in the head and was also repeatedly punched and throttled with the leather strap of a handbag that was wrapped around her neck.

They denied any wrongdoing." In mitigation defence lawyer Patrick Buckley, said: "Angelika has started a family and gave birth last week to a daughter but she's come to court to see a conclusion to the case.

"She is living with her parents ultimately within the next few weeks I'm told there is the offer of housing. Angelika is a young mum doing a pre nursing course. She's starting full time with a young baby to care for, that baby being only days old.

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