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) and their people are just abused and brainwashed to believe all this crap.

This is a cult encouraged to exist by paedophiles to satisfy their sick intentions.

THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS whatsoever I am not the one to encourage christianism, I respect all religions including the paganists which were most probably right.

These fckers leave their children brainwashed and uneducated, Baaaaaad people.

Please pray for her as this sick film destroyed her health but she is still fighting to clear her name and expose what the mormon cult did to her!

THEY PUT A FAKE STORY ON THE WIRE SERVICES THAT SHE HAD "Kidnapped AND RAPED" 330 pound 6'5" Kirk Anderson TO COVER UP THE FACT THAT HE and JOYCE made love! Their multi-million dollar mormon missionary image was at stake, so the mormon pr machine also dissiminated this fake story in newspapers and tabloid rag mags all over the world, and all over the internet, and four years ago was the source of slander in a pornographic counterfeit movie slandering her beyond comprehension! Joyce sued the producers for millions of dollars and the mormon cult leaders were so worried the lid would be ripped off and their 1977 cover up exposed that they brought in their top lds attorney to block her former fiance from testifying and admitting/exposing the truth!

The fact that we have a presidential candidate that believes this crap is almost as offensive as our current president that believes this crap. At least christianity is based on multiple accounts, but this is completely mormonic, i mean moronic.

This dude Smith finds these gold plates only he can read (Clue 1 that he's a con).

Zartinian - #1.1.3 - 2014-07-21 - (Reply) YOU INSENSITIVE IDIOT!!!


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