Dating for separated people issues whn dating a married man

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. "Wouldn't do it, until the divorce papers are "FINALIZED", but, also keep dating someone else, who is not seperated either.

xavery, look who is defensive ;133:xavery you must be a little confused, what you mentioned in post 47 seems rather odd coming from a person who accused another poster who quoted your personal mail to him in a forum (not permitted) as not being your mail.xavery, there were two consecutive posts from you and the latter one now deleted was the one I commented on. Cuz, with seperated, ya never know, it is the grey scale zone.

What I would be inflexible with is datinga separated man…lol He would have to be pretty incredible for me to push my personal boundaries.

I will give more details in a bit…I think when you make a choice to date a separated man who has no intention of divorcing because of the children is causing a lot anxiety on the part of the children. Silken: We do our children NO favours by being unwilling to re-establish the boundaries that go with our new status as separated or divorced parents and we do them a great deal of harm when we let them believe for even ONE instant that we gave up our own right to happiness for them.

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Look at the number of children who display outwardly ‘anxious’ states of equilibrium…lol Sometimes reality places before you as adults the fear of not knowing the end result of raising children of divorce…Not knowing should not excuse the act and awareness of CHOICE coupled with honesty providing the stage of children who are more diverse in their thinking as well as adaptable with perseverance.In my situation my ex refuses to give me a divorce and it is low on my priorities to push it right now as there is noone in my life that serious that it would my preferrence NOT to date a separated man--I dont care if he was separated yesterday, today ,on the way , or decades ago.In my belief--he still married no matter what the law says----he is still married to me.Children need to learn boundaries in spite of themselves and they learn them best from their more powerful adversaries - parents.I also look at children learning coping skills you display from hanging on to the past and doing what you think is right.

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