Dating culture in copenhagen

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The city is flat of course, which helps, but the cycle lanes are very broad and since it helps keep pollution down, people are encouraged to cycle whenever they have to make a trip.

There are countless companies offering rentals in Copenhagen, but you might want to try the hi-tech City Bike scheme, which has been running since 1995.

After Bakken, also in Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is the world’s oldest theme park, and if you do have kids with you they will have the time of their lives on some of these rides.

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It’s a commune that was established back in 1971 on the back of the counter culture movement.

Check out the this Copenhagen’s Culinary Experience Tour Such is this theme park’s fame that some people come to Copenhagen just t visit Tivoli Gardens.

And even if you’re not in the mood to get on a rollercoaster or carousel it’s an unforgettable place for an amble thanks to its romantic 19th-century representations of the Orient.

According to Norse mythology the sun made its way across the firmament like this, towed by a divine horse.

The Vikings are also well-covered by this museum, and many artefacts from this collection were sent on a tour of the worldin 2014.

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