Dating a thai man

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Do stick food in his mouth at times, he loves to be pampered.Do be of a similar age or younger than him, you don’t want him to get bored of you.So, i am writing the advice for all the Farang, Eurasian and Thai girls brought up abroad that are interested in dating a Thai guy in Thailand.Contrary to rumour not all Thai guys cheat on their loved ones.

Don’t get too possessive, you don’t need to irritate him too much.And finally don’t answer back if he tells you off for forgetting to wash his socks, he would prefer an obedient wife.Well, i got the idea to write this blog just yesterday actually from a Thai girl brought up in the States.Don’t marry the guy just cause he has loadsa cash, you may be one wife of many in the future.Don’t talk about marriage straight off, you don’t need to frighten the poor guy about the finances involved.

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