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Because he is large and heavily built, Anita has asked him on at least one occasion (e.g.the Laughing Corpse) to serve as an unsubtle threat to ward off unwelcome attention in dangerous places. First appearance: Guilty Pleasures Jamison is an animator at Animators, Inc.

Manny was present when he and Anita confronted Valentine's nest, before the events of Guilty Pleasures.

Prior to the series and throughout the earlier books, Dolph was a friend and mentor to Anita.

In the later books, Dolph and Anita's relationship has become strained, in part because Anita no longer believes that all vampires and shapeshifters are monsters, but Dolph still does, leading to distrust over Anita's increasingly close relationships with the various vampire and lycanthrope communities in St. Their relationship has also been strained by Dolph's personal situation; his son Darrin is married to a vampire (and possibly becoming one), and Dolph and his wife Lucille are grieving over the prospect of a life without grandchildren. In the later books of the series, Dolph's personal problems and conflict with Anita appear to come to a head.

Charles is, however, nonviolent, and not suited to backing up the threat that his size and protective demeanor would otherwise indicate. He is a thin African-American with curly red hair and green eyes, who typically clashes with Anita over Anita's side job as vampire executioner.

Unlike Anita, Jamison believes that vampires are essentially people, and disapproves of executing them without trial.

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