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In Britain, pottery was made from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) period onwards, although some parts of the British Isles were aceramic (did not produce pottery) at various points in time. This crudeness is related to the function of the vessels, which had to withstand thermal shock when placed on a fire for cooking.Fine vessels with incised and stamped decoration were also made. C., wheelmade pottery was being imported from the Roman world and finer 'Belgic-type' vessels were being produced in East Anglia.Most Roman pottery, however, consisted of coarse sandy greywares which were used for cooking, storage and other daily functions.By the early 5th century, the art of pottery manufacture with a wheel had been lost (or was simply not required) in Britain.

XRF was used to identify the oxides responsible for the different colors and the pigments used over large areas of the tiles (white and green).Whilst some areas, such as Cornwall, continued to import fine pottery from the Continent, other areas reverted to handmade vessels in similar forms to those of the pre-Roman Iron Age.Plain cooking vessels and decorated 'urns' were again common.Under the title "industrial achievements" product and novel concepts, P2X, chemical processing applications, standardisation, studies and others such as training and education are addressed.SPECIAL EVENTSGrid Service Markets, Power to X, Utilities & ESCO oriented Business, International Project Meetings, Workshops, Industry Presentations Onsite registration starts on Tuesday, h followed by the Welcome Reception from to h (see EFCF Events).

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