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What happens when he/she does something different from how you’d imagined? You’ll either feel hurt that he/she isn’t doing what you want “anymore”, and perhaps try to change that person (which will not be well received).So, to start off, try to not imagine what it’d be like, or how good it would be.That’s a common situation that causes many people a lot of distress.The truth is, it’s very easy to deal with when you’ve planned out all the possibilities.The only problem is, this person doesn’t actually exist.He/she is a projection of your idealized version of the person you like.You have to learn to like yourself in this state because then, any kind of relationship breakup wouldn’t be so bad.Sure, you’ll feel a loss, but you’ll still have something pretty great to return to.

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Other parts of your life start to shrink because all your thoughts are focused on how good it would be together.

You tried a particular trade and it didn’t work out.

Now you’re left with what you started with, but with more experience.

It would also explain why you would feel very hurt and angry when your partner leaves, since he/she took away all that stuff you were getting.

On the other hand, if you had a strong identity outside of the relationship, then you would simply return to the happy state you were in before you made the trades.

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