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The reason here was not that my caste is superior to yours attitude.In the ancient Indian society, castes arose based on the work people were performing.Even then, if both are unyielding in their accrued habits, the marriage may go down the drain.Increasing separation and divorces between educated and employed young couple nowadays proves this point.Each work had its own characteristics and specific environmental conditions.A priest used to be a vegetarian, a scholar in Vedic rituals and was required to maintain a specific type of environment around his house and in temples.At the base of not allowing any inter caste marriage lies a misunderstood reason.Many of the Indian customs are not understood today and everyone makes fun of them, castigate them and condemn them.

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Brahmins Matrimony site for marriage, brides, grooms for all brahmins like iyers, iyengars, kannada brahmin, telugu brahmin, marathi brahmin, shivalli, palakkad, deshasth, saryapuri, kanyakubja View Brahmins Profiles matrimony, matrimonial, brides, bridegrooms, marriage dates, horoscope matching, marriage services, betrothal services, marriage ceremonies, marriage reception, marriages in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune. According to the “Hymn of the Primeval Man” in the Rig Veda, the god Prajapati (Lord of Beings), who is often identified with Brahma, the creator in the Hindu trinity – was sacrificed by his children.From this sacrifice the universe was produced, and the Brahmin originated from his mouth.Despite this, Indian society continues to place a premium on the status at birth.The Brahmin’s traditional occupation is that of a priest. In Orissa, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh, many Brahmin own land and practice agriculture, but an increasing number are also in white-collar jobs, government service, business, household industry and astrology.

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